I’m Allison! I’m a photographer based in Calgary, Alberta.

I love seeing what's going on behind the scenes, whether it's for a movie, a live concert, or just somebody's normal everyday life. I used to buy DVDs of my favourite movies and TV shows so I could listen to the director's commentary and watch all of the featured b-roll footage. These days, it's my absolute favourite thing to photograph.

Some fun facts about me:

1) I use exclamation points very liberally. 2) I love an old fat dog who's not even mine more than most things in this world. 3) On my 25th birthday I attempted to eat 25 tacos ... I only made it to 16. 4) In my youth I competed in piano competitions and golf tournaments. 5) Nothing makes me feel more satisfied than a hearty, delicious bowl of soup noodles.

(photo: Mike Tan)