We managed to beat jet lag by adapting to Spanish time - staying out till 2am, going to bed at 4, waking at up 3pm for a casual breakfast/lunch/dinner with the rest of the locals. This was our second time going to Primavera Sound and it did not disappoint. Christine and The Queens was a real highlight for me, along with seeing Janelle Monae, Robyn, and Solange all from the front row. CHAI, Charli XCX, Lucy Dacus, Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, and Nilufer Yanya rounded out an amazing three days. We spent the rest of our time walking through the city, eating (churros there were a real game changer for me), and enjoying the beautiful architecture.

- - -

New York

Originally we planned on doing an eight-hour stopover in Copenhagen but the damn airline cancelled our flight a couple hours before we were supposed to board so we ended up booking a direct flight to Newark (bleh) for that night instead. Throughout the week we got tattoos, hung out in coffee shops, food crawled our way through midtown, ate a crazy amount of pizza, did a very touristy day with our brother that ended with us dancing our faces off at the Stonewall Inn, caught a couple drag shows, and meandered. A lot. Oh, and we saw three huge rats on the sidewalk.