I almost didn't go on this trip. With a full-time job, two weeks' worth of editing backlogged, and a wedding and an event already lined up at the end of the week, getting a last minute invite to fly out to LA was almost too overwhelming. I kept going back and forth. Originally I said yes. Then I backed out. The night before we were supposed to fly out, I changed my mind again.

I'm so glad I did.

Michael was set to play a show in LA at the Sayer's Club and so he brought Russell Broom, Andrew Ball, James Bundy, and me out with him. The day after we flew in, we had a relaxing morning grabbing brunch and coffee in Echo Park before an afternoon rehearsal at Bedrock with four musicians from LA. After rehearsals we found ourselves at the legendary Bob Hunka's house for bottomless Hunkaritas and amazing tacos. More cocktails at an unassuming French restaurant called Taix packed with a way too cool crowd and a couple street burgers later, Russell and I almost got matching tattoos and Andrew, James, Russ, and I passed out at three in the morning in the weirdest AirBnB I have ever stayed in.

Then, finally, show day. Michael did a radio performance at KCSN, which I embarrassingly and unintentionally video-bombed the entire time. We walked around Larchmont for lunch, petting dogs, and ice cream before heading back to the AirBnB to take some well-needed naps. As the sun was setting we headed out to the venue for sound check and the show. It all felt like it was over so quickly. In a blink, we were out of there and in an In-N-Out. 1 am burgers and fries. 3 am bed time. 5 am wake up call. Another one for the books.