Originally Trevor and Liz were supposed to have an outdoor ceremony at Bowmont Park, and a beautiful reception in Trevor's best man's backyard which they had spent all summer landscaping and working on for this special day. The guys were going to spend the morning at Cannibale with a stiff drink and some fresh haircuts.

None of that happened.

As with typical unpredictable Calgary weather, an extraordinary amount of rainfall came down the night before and collapsed one of the tents in the backyard. The rain to pour steadily the day of the wedding and the guys spent the morning frantically moving everything from the backyard to a reception location secured at 8 am. and trying to let all the guests know that everything had been changed. The ceremony was moved to Trevor and Liz's brand new home.

Despite all the craziness that happened that morning, this wedding turned out to be one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to. Thank you so much Jacqueline Elizabeth for letting me help you document this. You can see the full set here.