Four friends, a cuddly dog, and a Swedish Valentine with The Killers' Hot Fuss blasting on the speakers made their way to Drumheller one very gloomy Sunday. The wind, mud, and rain didn't stop us from continuously pulling over on the side of the road to check out some of the eleven bridges the badlands had in store for us. A quick stop at the Last Chance Saloon rewarded us with charming decor and some free Canada Day cake. We then found ourselves in Dorothy, where we discovered two very empty churches with gorgeous light. The rain died down and allowed us to pull over one last time to take pictures in the middle of a dead road. One last stop for delicious Chinese-Western food and then we were on our way back to the city. Another good adventure. exploring-badlands001exploring-badlands002exploring-badlands003exploring-badlands004exploring-badlands005exploring-badlands006exploring-badlands007exploring-badlands007aexploring-badlands008exploring-badlands009exploring-badlands010exploring-badlands011exploring-badlands012exploring-badlands013exploring-badlands014exploring-badlands015exploring-badlands016exploring-badlands017exploring-badlands018exploring-badlands019exploring-badlands020exploring-badlands021exploring-badlands022