I honestly didn't think anything would be able to top Vietnam, and when we first got into Thailand I was still convinced. Bangkok was cool, but did it live up to everything we had already encountered? Not really. We did get to stay in a really, really nice hotel and learn what luxury was all about. After a long night at the airport, we flew down south to Krabi and then endured an uncomfortable trek to a small island less frequented by tourists called Koh Lanta. Everything seemed to line up perfectly for us; despite it being rainy season, the weather was perfect every single day we were there. And because it was rainy season, the island was virtually empty and we got to enjoy life with the locals with barely any other tourists in sight. We spent the entire time there zipping around on motorbikes, stopping whenever we saw something cool and having delicious meals essentially home cooked for us.

Koh Lanta was the perfect place to settle down and relax after so many days of jumping from city to city and sleeping in a different bed every single night. The best way to wrap up an unforgettable trip.